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2017 Proceedings (click on cover to download)

Current Issues in Periodontics

Chapter 1: A New Era of Regenerative Therapy: REGROTH® (A New FGF-2 Medicine) Changes Regenerative Therapy in Dentistry - S Murakami (Japan)
Chapter 2: Effect of Combined Therapeutical Methods on Healing of Intra-bony Defects in Regenerative Periodontal Surgery - O Khishigdorj, O-E Puntsag, S Mashbaljir, U Jagdagsuren, O Bold, B Batbayar (Mongolia)
Chapter 3: Local Host Modulating Agents in Periodontal Regeneration - AR Pradeep, S Garg (India)
Chapter 4: Platelet Rich Fibrin: Role as a Regenerative Material in Developing Countries - S Pradhan, B Adhikari (Nepal)
Chapter 5: Dental Implants With Periodontal Tissues: Animal Experiments - I Ishikawa, K Washio, T Okano (Japan)
Chapter 6: Proactive Prevention Is the Key to Global Periodontal Health - LJ Jin (Hong Kong SAR, China)
Chapter 7: Implant Placement in Grafted Sites and Near Vital Structures Resolving Challenges Using CBCT Imaging: Two Case Reports - VC Virata, E Hernandez, B Tansipek (Philippines)
Chapter 8: Split-Crest Technique for Alveolar Narrow Ridge: Surgical Considerations - B-O Kim, G-H Min, K-I Yang, W-P Lee, S-J Yu (South Korea)
Chapter 9: Peri-implant Diseases and Periodontitis: The Insight Focus - SP Arunyanak (Thailand)
Chapter 10: Development of a Novel Animal Model for Testing Antimicrobial Agents Against Periodontitis and Peri-implantitis - W Duncan, C Loch Santos De Silva, G Cotton, A Sharma, G Tompkins, D Schwass, C Meledandri (New Zealand)
Chapter 11: Saving Compromised Implants - C-S Kim (South Korea)
Chapter 12: Clinical Strategies for Implant Treatment in Patients with Periodontitis - H Zhang, L Zhang, Y Xie, J Han, X Yan, H Meng (PR China)
Chapter 13: A Conservative Approach to Implant Surgery - BTK Tan (Singapore)
Chapter 14: Clinical Experiences of Trauma from Occlusion: Risks, Signs and Therapy - Y Kemal, Y Soeroso, FM Tadjoedin (Indonesia)
Chapter 15: Quantitative Analysis of Classical and New Putative Periodontal Pathogens in Subgingival Biofilm - T Taiyeb-Ali, A Al-Alimi, N Al-Hebshi, N Jaafar (Malaysia)


2015 Proceedings (click on cover to download)

Current Issues in Periodontics

Chapter 1: Translational Research of Periodontal Regeneration Using Cell Sheet Engineering - I Ishikawa, T Iwata, K Wasiho, T Okano (Japan)
Chapter 2: Emerging Regenerative Approaches for Periodontal Regeneration: From Cytokine Therapy to Stem-Cell Therapy - S Murakami, M Kitamura, S Yamada, M Takedachi (Japan)
Chapter 3: The Use of Stem Cells for Periodontal Regeneration - C Prahasanti, FA Rantam (Indonesia)
Chapter 4: Periodontal Regeneration: The Philippine Experience - NV Vergel de Dios, BV Murjani, MCU Garcia, WC Claracay (Philippines)
Chapter 5: Human Viruses as Risk Indicators for Periodontal Disease - Y Rusyanti (Indonesia)
Chapter 6: The Effect of Vitamin D and/or Dexamethasone on CPY19 Gene Expression in Osteoblast Cell Culture of Alveolar Bone from Aggressive Periodontitis Patients - D Herawati, SK Soejono, WT Artama, Suryono (Indonesia)
Chapter 7: Etiology of Drug-Induced Gingival Overgrowth - T Nagata, M Ninomiya, C Mihara, J Kido, S Nishikawa, M Kataoka (Japan)
Chapter 8: Overview of Risk of Maternal Periodontal Disease and Adverse Perinatal Outcomes: A Commentary - A Vadivelu (Republic of Fiji)
Chapter 9: Periodontal Disease: A Local Immune Response - R Mahanonda (Thailand)
Chapter 10: Host Modulation for Managing Periodontitis - PM Bartold (Australia)
Chapter 11: Efficacy of Local Minocycline HCl 2% Gel as Adjuvant for Scaling and Root Planing in Chronic Periodontitis: A Prospective Randomized Open Blinded Endpoint Study - Y Soeroso, H Soenarto, BM Bachtiar, Y Kemal, SL Masulili, R Lessang, FM Tadjoedin, RU Salim, O Mora, A Viandita, S Juandi (Indonesia)
Chapter 12: A Report of Three Periodontally Compromised Extranodal Non-Hodgkin'’'s Lymphoma Cases - X Yan, H Meng, Y Gao, D Shi, J Han (China)
Chapter 13: Adipokines in Gingival Crevicular Fluid Correlating With Tear Fluid in Periodontitis, Obesity and Diabetes Mellitus - AR Pradeep, S Karvekar, K Patnaik, K Nagpal (India)
Chapter 14: Proactive Periodontal Care in General Dental Practice: An Update and Perspective - LJ Jin (Hong Kong)
Chapter 15: Current Updates on the Orthodontic-Periodontic Interrelationship - M Humagain, D Kafle (Nepal)
Chapter 16: Orthodontic Treatment of Patients with Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis Using a Plasma/Serum IgG Test to Screen for Periodontitis - T Yamashiro (Japan)
Chapter 17: Prosthodontic Therapy in Periodontally Compromised Patients - Y Kemal, SLC Masulili, C Masulili (Indonesia)
Chapter 18: Immobilization of Periodontally Affected Teeth - A Kakar (India)
Chapter 19: Current Approaches to Periodontal Surgical Flaps - BTK Tan (Singapore)
Chapter 20: Peri-Implant Bone: Preservation or Reconstruction? - WJ Duncan (New Zealand)
Chapter 21: Two Adjacent Short Implants Supporting Non-Splinted Crowns in the Posterior Mandible - T Taiyeb-Ali, A Al Hashedi, N Yunus (Malaysia/Yemen)
Chapter 22: Periodontal Competency for the Long-Term Success of Dental Implants - Y Ku, Y-D Cho, M-S Han, Y-J Kim, S-T Kim (Republic of Korea)


2013 Proceedings (click on cover to download)

The Past, Present and Future of Periodontology

Chapter 1: History of the Asian Pacific Society of Periodontology 1993–2013 - I Ishikawa (Japan)
Chapter 2: The Perio-Systemic Link: Where Are We Now? - MI Ryder (United States)
Chapter 3: MCP-4 and Progranulin: Novel Biomarkers Linking Periodontitis and Obesity - AR Pradeep, M Kumari, N Priyanka, N Kalra, SS Martande, SB Naik (India)
Chapter 4: Modern Periodontal Therapy – What Could be Achieved and How Relevant is it to our Patients? - RMS Wong, SML Lai (Hong Kong SAR, China)
Chapter 5: Effects of Flavonoids on the Expression of Bone Sialoprotein Gene - Y Ogata, L Yang, H Takai (Japan)
Chapter 6: Current Research Activities of Postgraduate Periodontics Programs in Indonesia - Natalina, SLC Masulili, Y Soeroso, FM Tadjoedin (Indonesia)
Chapter 7: Periodontal Medicine: Establishment of a New Frontier for Periodontology - PM Bartold (Australia)
Chapter 8: Modelling Bone Regeneration in Ovis aries - WJ Duncan (New Zealand
Chapter 9: The Global Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic and a Strategy to Fight It - N Tajima (Japan)
Chapter 10: Re-evaluation of the Significance of Attached Gingiva in Orthodontics - S Urano (Japan)
Chapter 11: The Close Relationship Between Periodontitis and Diabetes and the Diagnosis of Diabetes-Associated Periodontitis - T Nagata, M Horibe, K Oishi, J Kido (Japan)
Chapter 12: Implant Surface Development for Regeneration of Bone Defects  - E-U Lee, J-Y Park, H-C Im, J-S Lee, U-W Jung, I-S Lee, S-H Choi (Republic of Korea)
Chapter 13: Periodontic Specialist Services in the Public Sector: The Malaysian Experience - AS Mohd Asari (Malaysia)
Chapter 14: The Effect of Chronic Periodontitis on Diabetic Kidney Disease and its Possible Mechanisms in OLETF Rats - J Zhang, D Wang, D Xuan, J Ni, Y Shu (China)
Chapter 15: Periodontics in the Philippines: Then, Now and Beyond  - NV Vergel de Dios, BV Murjani, WC Claracay, MA Tan (Philippines)
Chapter 16: Dental Implants - Maintenance Free? - KM Chung, A Bai (Singapore)
Chapter 17: The Application of Andrographis Paniculata Gel as an Adjunct in the Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis: Clinical Effect - Y Kuphasuk, S Thawornrungroj (Thailand)
Chapter 18: Regulation of Osteoblast Differentiation by Mechanical Strain and Parathyroid Hormone: Role of Interleukin (IL)-11 - T Matsumoto, B Dong, T Kondo, I Endo (Japan)

2011 Proceedings (click on cover to download)

Multi-Disciplinary Management of Periodontal Disease

Chapter 1: Pre-restorative periodontal surgery - E Corbet (Hong Kong SAR, PR China)
Chapter 2: Effect of periodontal treatment on patients with periodontitis and type 2 diabetes mellitus - J Zhang (China)
Chapter 3: Interdental oral hygiene: The evidence - GA Van der Weijden, DE Slot (The Netherlands)
Chapter 4: Multidisciplinary dentistry: Taking dentistry to the next level - R Santos-Morales, OV Bernardo (Philippines)
Chapter 5: Gingivitis revisited - KM Chung (Singapore)
Chapter 6: Smoking and periodontal disease - R Mahanonda (Thailand)
Chapter 7: Regeneration and plastic surgery - R Burkhardt (Switzerland)
Chapter 8: Maintenance and treatment of peri-implant mucosal diseases in patients with implant-supported overdentures - W Duncan (New Zealand)
Chapter 9: Effect of periodontal intervention on periodontal disease and diabetes mellitus - TB Taiyeb-Ali, RPC Raman, RD Vaithilingam, SP Chan (Malaysia)
Chapter 10: Management of chronic periodontitis associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and adverse pregnancy outcomes - AR Pradeep (India)
Chapter 11: Removable partial dentures in periodontally compromised patients - Y Kemal, SLC Masulili, C Masulili (Indonesia)
Chapter 12: Recent progress in periodontal regeneration using periodontal ligament cell sheets - I Ishikawa, K Washio, T Yoshida, T Iwata, T Okano (Japan)
Chapter 13: Implant treatment in the anterior maxilla: Planning considerations, surgical concepts and changing techniques for esthetic success - A Pozzi (Italy)
Chapter 14: The use of Minocycline-HCl ointment for root conditioning in periodontal surgery: A  preliminary study - HH Zhang, SH Shang, CZ Li (China)
Chapter 15: Periodontal regeneration by FGF-2: Present status and future outlook - S Murakami (Japan)
Chapter 16: Periodontal health status and quality of life - MS Jang, H-Y Kim, Y Ku (South Korea)
Chapter 17: A critical review of guided bone regeneration - SB Lee, N Donos (United Kingdom)
Chapter 18: Inter-relationships of rheumatoid arthritis and periodontal disease - PM Bartold (Australia)
Abstracts of Poster Presentations


2009 Proceedings (click on cover to download)

Chapter 1: Ultrasonic devices: Mission possible for subgingival debridement - N Laosrisin (Thailand)
Chapter 2: The efficacy of full mouth scaling and root planing under systemically administered Azithromycin - K Gomi (Japan)
Chapter 3: The relationship between periodontitis and coronary heart diseases, level of total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein and triglyceride in Health Service Centres in Indonesia - Y Soeroso (Indonesia)
Chapter 4: A preliminary study on common genetic risk factors between periodontitis and diabetes - J-C Zhang (China)
Chapter 5: Clinical periodontal practice: The Philippine scenario - M Tan (Philippines)
Chapter 6: Periodontal screening and mangement: The foundation of general dental practice - L Jin (Hong Kong)
Chapter 7: Periodontal systemic interrelationships: An overview of the evidence - P.M Bartold (Australia)
Chapter 8: Mangement of inflammation in periodontal disease - T Van Dyke (United States of America)
Chapter 9: Periodontic advances: Impact on practice - S Ciancio (United States of America)
Chapter 10: Periodontal regeneration based on cell sheet engineering: The future of periodontal therapy - I Ishikawa (Japan)
Chapter 11: How do patient data affect treatment planning and prognosis? - N.P Lang (Hong Kong)
Chapter 12: Periodontology beyond the pocket: Now totally lost - E.F Corbet (Hong Kong)
Chapter 13: Evaluation of root coverage with autogenous connective tissue and acellular dermal matrix graft - T.B Taiyeb-Ali (Malaysia)
Chapter 14: Application of BMP and GDF-5 for periodontal regeneration: Experimental histometric observations - C.K Kim (Korea)
Chapter 15: Periodontal intervention in the enhancement of restorative results in fixed prosthodontics and implant dentistry - N Surathu (India)


2007 Proceedings (click on cover to download)

Chapter 1: The relationship between rheumatoid arthritis and periodontitis - P.M Bartold (Australia)
Chapter 2: Comprehensive investigations into arterial diseases and periodontal bacteria - T Iwai (Japan)
Chapter 3: Diagnosis and classification of periodontal diseases and conditions: Current and future challenges - G.C Armitage (United States of America) Chapter 4: The Role of inflammation in atherosclerosis - J-J Li (China)
Chapter 5: Options for achieving high predictability and longevity in periodontally compromised cases - Y Ono (Japan)
Chapter 6: Polymorphisms in genes coding for enzymes metabolizing smoking-derived substances, smoking and the potential risk of periodontitis - J Zhang (China)
Chapter 7: Prevalence of systemic diseases among periodontal patients at the State University Clinic and two private periodontal practices in the Philippines - N.V Vergel de Dios (Philippines)
Chapter 8: Relationships between periodontal diseases and systemic health in New Zealand: An overview of research at Otago University - W Duncan (New Zealand)
Chapter 9: Bisphosphonate associated osteonecrosis of the jaws: Implications for periodontics and implantology - N Surathu (India)
Chapter 10: Current evidence of periodontal medicine in Thailand - N Laosrisin (Thailand)
Chapter 11: Relationship of periodontal disease to pre-term low birth weight infants in a selected population in Malaysia: A pilot study - T Taiyeb Ali (Malaysia)
Chapter 12: Periodontal Infections, Systemic Inflammation and Cardiovascular Disease: Current Evidence and Perspectives - L.J Jin (Hong Kong SAR, China)
Chapter 13: A perspective of periodontal systemic relationships in smokers in the Asian Pacific Region - S.L.C Masulili (Indonesia)
Chapter 14: Dentistry in Cambodia - S Chea (Cambodia)
Chapter 15: Mucogingival issues today - K.M Chung (Singapore)
Chapter 16: Smoking and genetics: Disease modifiers in periodontal and systemic diseases - D.F Kinane (United States of America)


2005 Proceedings (click on cover to download)

Chapter 1: Exposition of the conference theme - N Vergel de Dios (Philippines)
Chapter 2: Directions in periodontal research in the Asian Pacific region - I Ishikawa (Japan)
Chapter 3: Future potential directions in periodontal research in the Asian Region - T Taiyeb Ali (Malaysia)
Chapter 4: Research advances in periodontal etiopathology - L.J Jin (Hong Kong)
Chapter 5: Research advances in periodontal diagnosis - J Zhang (China)
Chapter 6: Research advances in establishing a contemporary clinical protocol in periodontics - D Arunachalam (India)
Chapter 7: Risk factors for periodontal infection among the rural population in Battambang Province, Cambodia - P Sophearoth (Cambodia)
Chapter 8: Clinical applications of current research in periodontal pharmacotherapeutics - N Laosrisin (Thailand)
Chapter 9: Clinical applications of current research in periodontal wound healing and regeneration - N Surathu (India)
Chapter 10: Contemporary clinical techniques for enhanced periodontal prognosis - K.M Chung (Singapore)
Chapter 11: Contemporary clinical directions in regenerative periodontics - R Santos-Morales (Philippines)
Chapter 12: Future potential clinical directions in clinical periodontics in the Asian Region - P.M Bartold (Australia)


2003 Proceedings (click on cover to download)

Chapter 1: High risk individuals for periodontitis and their genetic markers - J Zhang (China)
Chapter 2: Current trends in periodontal diagnosis and disease recognition in Malaysia - T.B Taiyeb Ali (Malaysia)
Chapter 3: Current trends in disease recognition and diagnosis - A perspective from India - N Surathu (India)
Chapter 4: The diagnosis of periodontal diseases in the Periodontal Clinic, Dental Hospital, University of Indonesia - Y Syafril (Indonesia)
Chapter 5: Current trends in periodontal diagnosis and disease recognition - A perspective from the USA - L.L Cabanilla (United States of America)
Chapter 6: Periodontal disease risk management: Smoking, the patient controlled modifiable risk - R.I Marshall (Australia)
Chapter 7: The taming of the host - Host modulation in periodontitis - F.B Mercado (Australia)
Chapter 8: Treatment strategies in periodontal disease management in Korea - H.J Chung, S-H Son (Korea)
Chapter 9: Periodontal risk assessment and prognosis: Current status and future development - A perspective from Hong Kong - E.F Corbet, L.J Jin (Hong Kong)
Chapter 10: Systemic diseases and periodontal pathogens - I Ishikawa, M Umeda (Japan)
Chapter 11: Trends in periodontal repair and regeneration - P.M Bartold (Australia)


2001 Proceedings

Chapter 1: The molecular mechanism of osteoclastogenesis: ODF/RANKL-dependent and independent pathways - T Suda (Japan)
Chapter 2: Application of the endoscopic system with fiberscope to the visualization of subgingival root surfaces - T Ari (Japan)
Chapter 3: Facing the challenges of the new millennium - C-F Cao (China)
Chapter 4: Periodontal education in New Zealand: A challenge for the new millennium - A.R.C Pack (New Zealand)
Chapter 5: The conservative procedure as a predictable periodontal therapy in Thailand - N Laosrisin (Thailand)
Chapter 6: Bone regeneration using bioactive materials - S-H Son (South Korea)
Chapter 7: Facilitating periodontal diagnostic and care strategies by general dental practitioners in Hong Kong - E.F Corbet (Hong Kong)
Chapter 8: What is the significance of the relationship between systemic disease and periodontitis? - PM Bartold (Australia)
Chapter 9: Risk factors of periodontal diseases according to surveys conducted in Vietnam (1995-2001) - C Nguyen (Vietnam)
Chapter 10: New millennium challenges in periodontology: An Indian perspective - RP Nayak (India)
Chapter 11: The development of Periodontology in facing the new millennium in Indonesia - SW Prayitno (Indonesia)
Chapter 12: Periodontics in Singapore: Challenges and future directions - G Ong (Singapore)
Chapter 13: Periodontal services in Brunei: Challenges in the new millennium - ED Samuel (Brunei)


1999 Proceedings

Chapter 1: Progress of periodontal research and practice in Hong Kong - EF Corbet (Hong Kong)
Chapter 2: Current periodontal research and practice in China - CF Cao (China)
Chapter 3: Epidemiological periodontal research and investigation in Malaysia - TB Taiyeb-Ali (Malaysia)
Chapter 4: Progress of periodontal research and practice in Singapore - L-P Lim (Singapore)
Chapter 5: Concept for biological treatment of periodontal disease - S Takashiba (Japan)
Chapter 6: An overview of current periodontal research in New Zealand - ARC Pack (New Zealand)
Chapter 7: Progress of periodontal research and practice in the Philippines - NV Vergel de Dios (Philippines)
Chapter 8: The progress of periodontal research and practice in India - CP Boghani (India)
Chapter 9: Correlation between periodontal status and coronary artery disease in Type II Diabetes Mellitus patients - Y Kemal (Indonesia)
Chapter 10: The influence of occlusal force on peri-implant tissue - T Miyata (Japan)
Chapter 11: The progression of periodontal research and practice in Thailand - N Laosrisin (Thailand)


1997 Proceedings

Chapter 1: Periodontal Treatment Needs for Patients Admitted to the Oral Medicine Clinic - N.V Vergel de Dios
Chapter 2: Periodontal Disease in India - Need for the Primary Health Care Approach - BRR Varma
Chapter 3: Periodontal Diseases in Vietnam - GLe Dinh
Chapter 4: Management of the Periodontal Diseases at the Community Level in China - C Cao
Chapter 5: Management of the Periodontal Diseases at the Community Level in Hong Kong - EF Corbet
Chapter 6: Management of Periodontal Diseases at the Community Level in Indonesia - SW Prayitno
Chapter 7: Periodontal Treatment by General Dental Practitioners in Thailand - P Laohapand
Chapter 8: Clinical Managament Strategies for Periodontal Diseases in Malaysia - TB Taiyeb Ali
Chapter 9: Esthetics in Periodontal Treatment - A Hasegawa
Chapter 10: Treatment Strategies for the Future in New Zealand - ARC Pack
Chapter 11: Diagnostic Strategies Based on Immunocompetent Cell Analysis for Patients with Periodontitis - K Hara
Chapter 12: Management Strategies for the Future in Korea - HJ Chung


1995 Proceedings

Chapter 1: Risk factors and disease detection of periodontal disease - C-Fang Cao
Chapter 2: Periodontal disease: Its risk factors among Bangladeshi populations - MA Kalam
Chapter 3: The association between biodata and periodontal status among young adult Indonesians - SW Prayitno
Chapter 4: Risk revisited - E Corbet
Chapter 5: Periodontal disease risk indicators in a selected group of Thai in Bangkok - P Yotnuengnit
Chapter 6: Periodontal risk factors: Malaysian scenario - S Kamin
Chapter 7: Periodontal risk factors in New Zealand - ARC Pack
Chapter 8: Periodontal profile of Filipino residents in Imus, Cavite Philippines - N Vergel de Dios
Chapter 9: Periodontal disease risk factors in India - PK Baskar
Chapter 10: Detection of refractory periodontal patients by means of ELISA method - I Ishikawa
Chapter 11: Risk factors for periodontal disease in an Australian population - GJ Seymour
Chapter 12: New diagnostic strategies to detect the disease susceptibility and activity in periodontitis - H Okada
Chapter 13: Association between periodontal disease and cigarette smoking - K Kamoi
Chapter 14: Assessment of host defence risk factors for periodontal disease - A case of family members with juvenile periodontitis - Y Murayama
Chapter 15: The epidemiological, clinical and microbiological studies of localized juvenile periodontitis among Koreans - S-H Son