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From the Convenor's Desk

It is indeed a pleasure to host the scientific sessions of the Asia Pacific Society of Periodontology colloquium here in the picturesque city of Suva, Republic of Fiji.

The scientific session is going to enrich the gathering with the latest advances in Implantology, Periodontal medicine and Periodontal therapy from renowned speakers across the globe from countries afar like Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. I am indebted to Professor Shinya Murakami who was instrumental in giving full support to our endeavour.

I am grateful to Mr Mitsui Kazuyoshi Sunstar Corporation Singapore and Mr K. Shibasaki, Lion Corporation Japan for their support and partial sponsorship. I am grateful to Mr Ikbal Jannif Chancellor, Fiji National University, Mr Neil V Singh Acting Director of Planning and Development, Dr William May Acting Dean, College of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences, Professor Rajanishwar Gyaneshwar, Associate Dean Research and Chair University Research and Publications Committee, and Dr Leenu Maimanuku Head of the dental school to support this endeavour with material and financial resources. Mr Mervyn Sumaru and the ICT team have been most helpful in designing the website. The research wing and the dental faculty have given whole hearted support.

Registration details are provided on the website and the payment gateway permits one to pay by credit card. Welcome one and all to this tropical paradise. You can definitely enjoy business with pleasure.

Bula Vinaka

Professor Dr. Amarender Vadivelu



Asian Pacific Society of Periodontology Symposium 2017

The 12th meeting of the Asian Pacific Society of Periodontology will be held in Korea in October 2017.