About the Asian Pacific Society of Periodontology

At the conclusion of the 2nd Asian Pacific Periodontal Symposium held in Tokyo on 15 October, 1993, the Asian Pacific Society of Periodontology was formed. With representatives from 14 countries in the Asian Pacific region present, the "objectives" of the Society were determined as:

"to serve as a non-profit medium for the exchange, advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge related to periodontal research and education in the Asian Pacific Regions".

The establishment of this group is an important event as it now provides a forum for us to discuss periodontology as it affects our particular regions. It is clear that we have a solid research, clinical and educational base from which to operate. To date, eleven symposia have been held under the title "Asian Pacific Periodontal Symposium". These have been very successful meetings with participants being derived solely from the Asian Pacific region.

One of the principal objectives of this Society is to foster collegiality, friendships and perhaps collaborations. The group is very diverse, ranging in differences in culture, socioeconomic and religions. These have particular ramifications for the manifestation of the periodontal diseases, their treatment and long term management. Such a mix is unique and provides an opportunity for us all to learn from each others diverse experiences.

Membership of this Society is open to anyone who possesses a dental, medical or veterinary degree and has an interest in periodontology. In the interests of advancing periodontology in our region, I urge you to seriously consider joining this Society.


Asian Pacific Society of Periodontology Elected Office Bearers

PRESIDENT: Yulianti Kemal (Indonesia)


IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT: Toshihiko Nagata (Japan)

SECRETARY GENERAL: Shinya Murakami (Japan)

TREASURER: Yuichi Izumi (Japan)

HONORARY ADVISOR: Isao Ishikawa (Japan)

EDITOR OF PUBLICATIONS : Mark Bartold (Australia)


Huan Xin Meng (China)
Yuniarti Soeroso (Indonesia)
Li-Jian Jin (Hong Kon)
Tara Taiyeb Ali (Malaysia)
Warwick Duncan (New Zealand)
Benjamin Tan (Singapore)
Narongsak Laosrisin (Thailand)


Abul Kalam Joarder (Bangladesh)
Errol Devamanoharan (Brunei)
Sok Chea (Cambodia)
Paul Lin (Chinese Taipei)
Leenu Maimanuku (Fiji)
Stanley Lai (Hong Kong)
AR Pradeep (India)
Bayarchimeg Batbayer (Mongolia)
Tin Tun Hia (Myanmar)
Nanette Vergel De Dios (Philippines)
Nguyen Hong Minh (Vietnam)

Affiliate Organisations

Members of the following organisations have reciprocal membership with the Asian Pacific Society of Periodontology:

Australian Society of Periodontology - http://www.asp.asn.au

Hong Kong Society of Periodontology & Implant Dentistry - http://www.hkspid.org

Japanese Society of Periodontology - http://www.perio.jp

Malaysian Society of Periodontology -http://periodontologymalaysia.weebly.com

Singapore Society of Periodontology - http://www.perio.org.sg

Thai Association of Periodontology - http://www.thaiperio.org